Trevor Noah pays staff from his own pockets


Trevor Noah Trevor Noah host of the temporarily named The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah pays for his 25 crew member staff salary.
By: Norman Dotson Jr./ BNC Digital Media Producer

As a show of solidarity, comedian and talk show host Trevor Noah is paying the salaries of his furloughed workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah  host has been broadcasting his television show remotely but he is making sure that the crew of 25 that works with him are still being paid. He is paying the staff members salaries with his own funds while everyone waits for the rest of the world to return to some type of normalcy.

Noah had informed his crew members that he will continue to pay their current salaries until production begins to ramp back up in the television industry.

“These are the people who have been on the show with Trevor from day one and help him put on the show,” a source reportedly told Variety magazine. “Trevor is personally covering their salaries until the production business opens again. He respects his crew tremendously and feels it’s only right that they get through this together.”

Although all 25 crewmembers aren’t working with him remotely, he is still paying their normal salaries.

Comedy Central announced last week that, as long as he films The Daily Social Distancing Show with Trevor Noah from inside his apartment, the show will be 45 minutes long instead of its traditional half-hour. It is the first time in the franchise’s history that it has expanded beyond its typical half-hour format.

The Daily Show with Trevor Noah currently reigns as the No. 1-rated show in late-night among viewers in the 18-34 age range. Noah’s March 26 interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci has garnered more than 43 million views.

Back in 2014, Noah became the senior international correspondent for The Daily Show, and in 2015, he took over when long-time host Jon Stewart left. Noah is signed on to remain in this position until 2022.