Restaurants raise money for Rayshard’ kids


By Laverne McGee, BNC Journalist

If you watch BNC News on a regular basis, you are no doubt familiar with popular restaurant the Slutty Vegan. We featured owner Aisha ‘Pinky’ Cole, who has been helping her community during these tough times.

Now she is teaming up with Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks to provide scholarships for the children of Rayshard Brooks. It was June 12 when the 27-year-old father was shot by Atlanta police in the parking lot of a Wendy’s restaurant. He had fallen asleep in the drive thru and an altercation took place when police confronted him. On June 17, the Fulton County District Attorney announced 11 criminal charges against the officer who shot Brooks, and three charges against another officer who was also involved.

Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields stepped down after the incident.

Cole, and Big Dave’s Cheesesteaks owner Derrick Hayes got in touch with Tomika Miller, the widow of Brooks. They gave her several gifts including life insurance policies for her and her kids, a brand-new car and scholarships for all four children to attend Clark Atlanta University.

The Atlanta community enjoys the burgers from both these restaurants, but appreciates the community spirit even more.

Meanwhile, protestors continue to speak out and protest about police brutality, and are calling for convictions and strong sentences for the officers charged.