Favorable Demographics

African Americans continue to be subscription television’s most valuable customer.
  • African Americans watched 40% more TV, ordered more pay-TV and VOD services, and owned more HDTV sets than any other segment of the US population.
  • African Americans spend seven hours and 17 minutes per day viewing TV, again far more than any other market segment.
  • African Americans currently represent a $1.2 trillion dollar economy.
  • African Americans spend more than $5 billion annually on subscription television services.
  • Today, 43 million African Americans live in the US and the black population is growing 40 percent faster than the general population.
  • $2.24 billion was spent last year on African American targeted advertising.
African Americans, who comprise roughly 13.7 percent of the general population or 43 million strong, will switch to culturally specific programming and away from non-African American oriented programming with a 250 percent greater frequency than any other consumer segment. Considerable research has been conducted over the past decade concerning the lack of African American cable programming and the predictable cry for parity from within the African American community. Much of this research appears in academic journals and media trade publications. A sampling of this research has been compiled by BNC and is available on the network’s Web site or upon request.

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