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BNC Network Operations Center / HBCU Media Training Facility

Construction of BNC's Network Operations Center and HBCU Media Training Facility started in May 2017.  The Network Operations Center will aggregate news and educational content produced or gathered at one of BNC's five major domestic news bureaus/production studios. These bureaus/production studios will be located in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington, DC, Chicago, and New Orleans.

The HBCU Media Training Facility will enable aspiring young journalists to receive hands-on-training in a fully automated active newsroom; television production studios equipped with 4K Ultra HD cameras; and the world's most advanced virtual reality television simulation technology.

Construction of both the Network Operations Center and Media Training Facility is scheduled for completion in August 2019. BNC's 20,000 square foot Network Operations Center will house studio facilities designed by Devlin Design Group. Equipment engineering, manufacturing, and integration will be provided by BNC partners: VizRT, Sony, Bit Central, and BECK TV.

Studio 3D renderings provided by Devlin Design group.
Click on the image to see full size, or view the rendering video below.

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