Unrest in the streets across the nation, is a new America on the horizon?


Tallahassee protest Members of the community face-off with local authorities, venting their frustrations Outside of the governors mansion in Tallahassee, Fl. [Vynessah Dasher/BNC Digital]
By: Vynessah Dasher/BNC Digital Contributor

Tallahassee, Fl. – People of Tallahassee congregated in droves, populating the busiest streets of the sunshine capital. Demonstrators bellowing cries of woe, outrage, and weariness.

The Civil unrest pulsated across the nation as the states of America joined in a nationwide day of protest on May 30 as a result of the untimely killing of George Floyd by white Minneapolis police officers.

A collage of protesters making up the face of the social movement; Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, gay, straight; all unified in the name of social justice.

Many demonstrations carried over into a second day of street marching, some displays growing increasingly violent just overnight.

Graphic images are rolling out of the cities of Tampa, Fl, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Atlanta, Georgia depicted idle cars set ablaze, clothing & electronics stores, ransacked, and businesses burned to the ground.

Those images triggered a sense of deep disappointment in the heart of communally invested, Reverend Dr. R.B Holmes, pastor at Bethel Missionary Baptist Church out of Tallahassee, Fl; who says that the community has got to “turn their anger into action.”

Action is exactly what he plans to take.

Holmes will outline the demands of the public and more in a press release Monday morning. The reverend plans to campaign for an independent police review board, a strategy posed time and time again by Tallahassee County commissioner Bill proctor.

Proctor urges demonstrators to fight for a something he’s been asking for, for years. An independent police review board that would hold police accountable.

“I wanna know, out of everyone out there touting a bull horn how many of them registered to vote,” poked proctor. “If you ain’t registered to vote, all this walking up and down the street ain’t gone mean jack,” Proctor doubled.

Demonstrations sparked controversy among onlookers this weekend; Republican member of Florida legislator tweeted picture of an AR-15, the caption warning protesters not to come to lake County, Fl saying the AR would be a common sight to see in the days of civil demonstrations.

Protesters plan to continue protesting as long as it takes to see policing reform.