Unique Content

BNC will air more than 12 hours daily of original programming during weekdays and more than five hours daily of original programming during weekends. Original programming will cover international, national, state, and local news that impacts black communities across America. Original programming will include traditional anchored newscasts about events, sports, and weather; a variety of topic-related daily and weekly studio shows; daily vignettes of encouragement and inspiration; hosted talk shows; engaging docu-series; and breaking news when it happens. All of our original programming is created by people of color for people of color.

Engaging Programs

BNC will air a limited number of hours of high-quality feature programming about a variety of topics of current interest and historical significance to African Americans. Feature content will include informative and entertaining sports programming that spotlights FIBA World Basketball, professional contact sports, and the unexpected play of the day. This content will also feature premium short and mid-form series about news and informational topics like the top 100 black businesses, the birth of black films, the renaissance period of African Americans in sports, the importance of the church in black culture, biopics of famous African Americans, and more.

Original Programming

BNC’s weekly sports programs will feature sports teams and activities that take place on the campuses of America’s Historical Black Colleges & Universities. This show will take you off the field and behind-the-scenes to meet young African American athletes with true grit and determination. HBCUs and their teams will take center stage with reports that include scores, highlights and interviews presented in both short and long-form programs.

Studio Shows

Being a Woman
This daily one-hour hosted talk show is dedicated to topics of interest to women of all ages. Show topics will range from childbirth to caring for elderly parents, business to politics, and entertainment to hair care. No topic is too big or too small for this woman-to-woman discussion. The show host will select distinguished women from the vast array of academic experts and alumnae professionals associated with our Historical Black Colleges & Universities to co-host each day’s program.

My America
This weekly one-hour talk show will be hosted by J.C. Watts, Jr. Watts is the network’s chairman and visionary who also served as a former congressman from Oklahoma, enjoyed a celebrated athletic career, and has valued experience as a broadcast and cable news veteran. Each week, Watts will closely examine the global issues that effect today’s African American communities. He will interview key political newsmakers to get to the heart of the story. BNC reporters working at our news bureaus in major urban markets will contribute to this program’s format to keep the show interesting and relevant to our viewers.

Getting Ready With Jane: Today's Teen
In this show, family therapist Jane Marks gets real with teens and speaks a language they can understand. With more than forty years of experience helping families and young people in crisis, Marks offers helpful and timely advice to young African Americans about coping in today’s world. This one-hour weekly program is family-friendly and offers a message of hope. Today’s Teen Talk series is definitely “must see TV.”

Living Social at HBCUs
A BNC correspondent examines life on the HBCU campuses and explains why the experiences students have at these institutions of learning are so important in the cultural development of many students’ lives. This weekly one-hour program will focus on what is happening at HBCUs that is good, positive and uplifting.

Black America This Week
This news program will feature national correspondent Byron Pitts. Pitts is a multiple Emmy award-winning journalist known for his thoughtful storytelling, on-the-ground reporting and in-depth interviews. A news veteran with more than 30 years of experience, Pitts has traveled around the world to cover some of the biggest news stories of our time from the Florida presidential recount to the tsunami in Indonesia and the refugee crisis in Kosovo. During each show, Pitts will offer his view about news and stories that other news networks either missed altogether or fell short of covering the full story. This studio show will originate from New York City.

My Money
This daily half-hour business show will examine best practices for wisely making and managing your money, as well as news and information about what is happening in the financial markets at home and around the world. This format will include a host and financial experts as studio guests.

Feature Programming

Total Combat
This weekly half-hour program is the first of its kind. This program format covers all disciplines of combat sports, including MMA, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, and more. Filled with all the latest news, event previews, bout reviews and profiles, this program also showcases two feature bouts every week. Fans of combat sports are passionate and rapidly growing in numbers worldwide. This show feeds an audience hungry for access to the sport.

FIBA World Basketball
This half-hour weekly show is the official weekly program of basketball’s world governing body, FIBA. This program series showcases the very best basketball highlights, news and features, as well as action from FIBA World Cup and qualifiers, FIBA Continental Championships, Eurobasket, Basketball Champions League, NBA and all key national leagues. Basketball is popular in all viewer markets. This program satisfies audiences with the ultimate weekly wrap of the world’s best basketball.

Today in Replay
This show is a one-minute vignette for each day of the year that celebrates sport’s finest moments. These one-minute video captures are perfect for digital platforms. They can be customized to incorporate network themes or adapted to carry sponsor branding.

Play of the Day
This classic “play of the day” segment is available in a daily one-minute vignette format. These video clips are a time honored TV tradition. A light-hearted, sport moment for every day of the year, Play of the Day is the daily “laugh-out-loud” moment we all need.

Our Advanced Design

Our network operations center utilizes some of the most advanced technology in the media industry. Our engineers created a fully flexible network design built for today and the future that allows the highest level of interoperability and reliability. BNC has teamed up with Sony, Bit Central, VizRT, and Harmonic to not only provide the best in newsroom equipment, automation systems, graphics software, and content delivery systems, but also to create a one-of-a-kind education initiative for aspiring young journalists and media professionals.

Live Programming Trials

To prepare, BNC’s management team conducted LIVE 18-month long on-air programming trials that were produced and distributed to eight million homes. The LIVE trials enabled us to:

  • Test program concepts, content, format, presentation and branding.
  • Evaluate operational models, technology, and content partnerships.
  • Build valuable content partnerships with African American business leaders, policy and lawmakers, members of the clergy, media, and academia.

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