BNC Distribution

Massive Deals

We already have massive distribution deals in place.

  • BNC will launch this year to an estimated 33 million households
  • BNC will launch in the top African American TV markets, including New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta.
  • BNC has distribution deals in place at launch with Comcast, Charter and Dish Network.

Our OTT Advantage

  • Our research shows massive potential with the African American audience for this network.
  • No one else is making this type of content on regular TV, OTT or even on his or her phone.
  • The African American fan base is passionate about the idea of its own news network.

Our OTT Audience

  • African Americans consume 40% more content than the general viewer.
  • 96% of African Americans have access to streaming content.
  • Over 10 million African American households used VOD in the past month.
  • African Americans are the fastest growing group of broadband online service subscribers.
  • African Americans spend 19 hours using Smartphone apps and Internet per week.

Market Leader

African Americans, despite being subscription television’s most valuable customers, are currently underserved by cable TV and satellite television programming options. While there are more than 386 successful Hispanic cable channels today, cable operators offer widespread distribution to only a handful of entertainment networks programmed to serve our African American communities, and NO cable news networks.

Loyal Viewers

Research shows that African Americans will switch to culturally specific programming and away from non-African American oriented programming with a 250% greater frequency than any other consumer segment. Also, African Americans have developed a distrust of existing television news outlets because black Americans have been misrepresented and marginalized by mainstream media over the past century.

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