Frank Watson

Frank Watson is the vice president/general manager of Black News Channel. He is a senior level, performance driven manager with more than 35 years of demonstrated success and professional achievement in the broadcasting field, particularly in start-up operational environments. Frank has proven experience building successful teams, developing strategic business and operational plans, and providing community-minded service for the broadcast organizations he has owned or managed.

Frank recognized the role that technology would play in the future of the communications industry in the late 1970’s and embraced the trend by acquiring first generation Apple (II-E) and IBM PC personal computers. He was among the first in the industry to integrate those tools into his day-to-day management style. He continues to keep pace with evolving technology to benefit both personal and organizational productivity.

His hands-on participatory management style has consistently developed a creative, progressive organizational environment that combines a balanced mix of performance enhancing, leading edge technology and high achievement human skills to produce synergistic organizational results. As founder and chairman of Management and Marketing Synergy, Inc. and Management and Marketing Consulting, Inc., Frank built and operated radio stations, Internet services and broadcast consulting companies for more than 15 years.

Frank earned an undergraduate degree in Radio-Television-Film from Oklahoma State University, and holds a Federal Communications Commission General Class License.

Communication using the anecdote and parable is his trademark, as is his quiet, attentive style. “Man has two ears and one mouth because he is expected to listen twice as much as he talks” is one of his favorites. “We learn more listening than talking” he often reminds us.