Dr. Faye Jones

Faye R. Jones is a Research Analyst for BNC, where she identifies, presents, and dissects research of importance and relevance to the Black community through weekly discussions in a segment called Black Research Matters.  By exploring topics in education, finance, economics and health (just to name a few), she strives to give voice to ideas and concepts that can motivate and inspire others to press towards greatness, a higher calling, and empower future generations.

Dr. Jones is a Faculty Researcher at the College of Communication & Information (CCI) at Florida State University (FSU).  Her research focuses on using institutional research and program evaluation to improve underserved student participation and outcomes in STEM majors and careers.  She is also a Senior Research Associate for the Information & Policy Use Institute at FSU, where she serves as Co-PI of the IMLS Hurricanes project, the NSF-ATE Advanced Manufacturing Pathways project, and is Co-Director of FSU iCamp, a summer program for underserved students, sponsored by the Army Educational Outreach Program.  She is a former fellow of the National Center for Educational Statistics and the Association for Institutional Research.   In partnership with Florida A&M University, Dr. Jones also co-directed the Florida IT Career Alliance, a program funded by the Florida Board of Governors to recruit, retain, and employ technology and computing majors in Information Technology, Computer Science, and Computer Engineering in North Florida.

Faye is a proud veteran of the United States Army, serving in the enlisted ranks as a sergeant, and stationed in Fort Lee, VA, Fort Knox, KY and Camp Humphries, South Korea.  She was later commissioned as an officer for the Florida Army National Guard.  After eight years of service, she returned to Florida to complete her bachelor’s degree in Political Science in 1998, a master’s in Public Administration in 2002, and a doctorate from the higher education program in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies in 2011, all from her alma mater, FSU.

Faye is the Praise Leader at True Holiness Church of God in Christ in Tallahassee, Florida.  She is joined in life by her spouse, Marion Jones Jr., and together they have a son and daughter.  Their family enjoys basketball games, movies, and cruises to the Caribbean.