Conservative Republicans seek to undermine South Carolina with ‘Operation Chaos’


By: Norman J. Dotson Jr., BNC

In an act of protest against open primaries in South Carolina many conservative activist are calling for Republicans to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary Saturday February 29th.

Voters are not registered by parties in South Carolina giving anyone the ability to vote outside of their respective political affiliation.

After claiming wins in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada Sanders’ campaign may take South Carolina as several recent polls has him trailing Vice President Joe Biden by slim margins. One conservative activist, Stephen Brown of Operation Chaos 2020, believes wholeheartedly that the risk of putting Sanders in the Presidential race would score a victory for President Donald Trump.

“I believe that our nation will reject socialism – I can’t say there’s no risk, any time you have an election there’s a risk – but I think we’ll have an overwhelming and resounding victory for President Trump. And if we can’t defeat a socialist here in 2020, we wouldn’t deserve the freedoms that we have. I’m confident that Donald Trump will prevail,” said Brown during an interview with WYFF in Greensville, SC.

In an effort to deter this action one Democratic State Senator, Marlon E. Kimpson of Charleston, has introduced legislation that would force those who cast ballots in this year’s presidential primary to cast ballots for the same party again in four years.

“Well, I think in light of this conspiracy to hijack the Democratic nomination process by the Republicans voting for Bernie Sanders, and also in light of the new evidence we see with the Russians interfering to sway votes to Bernie Sanders, I think Democrats are now paying attention and we want to save our party, we want to save this process for the most electable candidates. It’s still a long road, but in South Carolina, all of those roads are pointing to Vice President Joe Biden. And so we’ll tee him up here with big numbers. What he does on Super Tuesday, we’ll see, but hopefully that will increase his chances, and so he’s on an upward trajectory,” says Kimpson.

With a tight race in South Carolina between Biden and Sanders, if Operation Chaos 2020 is successful this will undoubtedly change the entire landscape of America’s election process.

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