Fall In

Fall In! There are many successes in life that can be credited to simply being present.  For example, if a poll were taken asking people to describe the characteristics that are associated with great parents, a frequent response would likely be that great parents are always there.  There are also many people who have received …

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Pay Yourself First

Pay Yourself First It’s alarming how many people are not prepared for old age, and a study by Aka, Hervani, and Arnott-Hill (2016) highlighted just how distressingly bad this situation is for African Americans.  In this in-depth study, the authors explain that we are “retirement ready” when we can maintain (or believe that we can …

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Construction Update

BNC Network Operations Center / HBCU Media Training Facility Construction of BNC’s Network Operations Center and HBCU Media Training Facility started in May 2017.  The Network Operations Center will aggregate news and educational content produced or gathered at one of BNC’s five major domestic news bureaus/production studios. These bureaus/production studios will be located in New …

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Industry Research

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Economic Impact

In November of 2012, The Center for Economic Forecasting and Analysis at Florida State University conducted an in-depth study concerning the economic impact BNC will have on its host community. The study determined that BNC will generate $33.6 million in economic stimulus for its host city. Link to full study (PDF)