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Keke Palmer Alleges Abuse by Former Boyfriend Darius Jackson; Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order

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Las Vegas High School Student Fatally Beaten: 8 Teens Arrested

Eight teenagers were taken into custody on Tuesday and have been charged with suspicion of murder in connection with the

Attorney And Champion Of Justice Olayemi Olurin On Challenging The Racially Biased Prison System

In a candid conversation, attorney and advocate Olayemi Olurin discusses the deep-seated issues within the American prison industrial complex.  Olurin

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Bertie Bowman, The Longest-Serving Black Congressional Staff Member, Passes Away At The Age Of 92

Herbert "Bertie" Bowman, the longest-serving Black congressional staff member, passed away this week at the age of 92. He rose

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How To Take Care Of Dragon Fruit Plant? A Comprehensive Guide 

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