BNC To Host Virtual Townhall On Police Reform


By David Johnson/ BNC Digital Reporter

Black America has protested, seen police reform, pushed for justice, and now BNC will join the conversation Monday evening at 7 PM EST in a BNC Special “Police Reform Townhall”.

Viewers can enjoy the townhall live on the BNC Network or Facebook Live (@TheBlackNewsChannel) in the link below.


This evenings panel headlines prestige lawyers and law enforcement across the nation that features the likes of:

Guest Name:  Chief William Riley

Guest Title:  Police Chief, City of Inkster, Michigan
Guest Name:  Phillipe Cunningham
Guest Title:  Councilman, Minneapolis City Council Ward 4

Guest Name:  Dr. Corey Wiggins

Guest Title:  Executive Director, Mississippi State Conference NAACP

Guest Name:  Donald Woods
Guest Title:  President, NOBLE-Central Florida 20-year/Law Enforcement veteran U.S Army veteran

Guest Name:  Dr. Ravi Perry

Guest Title:  Political Science Department Chair, Howard Univ.

Guest Name:  Dr. Jeremy Levitt

Guest Title:  Distinguished Professor of International Law, FAMU School of Law President, Stono Institute for Freedom, Justice and Security

Guest Name:  Dr. Eric Claville, J.D., M.L.I.S.
Guest Title:  Director, The Center for African American Public Policy at Norfolk State University
Guest Name:  Dr. James L Taylor
Guest Title:   Professor, Chair of Political Science, Uni. of San Francisco

Guest Name:  Dr. Maryam Jernigan

Guest Title:  Licensed Psychologist, CEO of Jernigan and Associates Psychological and Consulting, LLC