African Americans

BNC will give voice to the varied experiences, issues, points-of-view and priorities that matter to African Americans. BNC will not just tell a story, but the network will tell the entire story. The network will empower the black community and address the issues of the day in a way that is fresh, bright, and complete. BNC will offer real, responsive, reliable and relevant news coverage by and for African Americans.

  • Linear TV is the largest news source among the African American audience. Even with the proliferation of news on social media, TV news remains the source with the highest interest among black audiences.
  • African Americans feel that TV news sources hold higher credibility than those on social media. The ability to physically see the news story helps to assure the audience that the story is truthful, while social media posters may be motivated by notoriety or the desire to gain followers.
  • Black audiences express a keen interest in a news network that reports from a familiar perspective.
  • Black consumers express a strong appetite for news content that is empowering, educational, and representative of their experiences.

Although African American consumers are interested in a variety of topics, it is most critical that each news story is directly relatable to them. There is a strong desire to see inspirational figures they can look up to and who offer insights, news stories, and tools consumers can apply to their own lives and which will lift the community (such as “how to go to college,” “how to invest,” etc.).

Despite being subscription television’s most voracious consumer, 75% believe their communities are not accurately portrayed in the media today.

African Americans are spending $1.2 trillion annually, and they are demanding that brands and marketers speak to them in ways that are culturally and experientially specific to African Americans, if these brands want their business. In addition, Nielsen research show that black consumer choices have a “cool factor” that has created a halo effect, influencing not just consumers of color, but also the mainstream consumer.

According to Nielsen research, African Americans make up 14% of the U.S. population, but they have outsized influence over spending on essential items such as personal appearance products, skin care, hair care, beauty aides, bottled water, refrigerated drinks, luxury items, and non-essential products. Market research shows that African Americans are an audience that is keen on image and self care.

Black consumer brand loyalty is contingent upon a brand’s perception as authentic, culturally relevant, socially conscious, and responsible. African Americans say they expect the brands they buy to support their social causes.

With $1.2 trillion in spending power, African American consumers are an important population for smart brands that want to grow market share and brand preference. The enormous buying potential of black consumers is leveraged to support brands, products, and services that are culturally relevant and socially conscious to the needs of the African American community.

Black consumers’ brand preferences are increasingly becoming mainstream choices, which illustrates that the investment in connecting with black consumers can often yield sizeable general market returns. For example, sizeable black spend in health and beauty categories has contributed to a diversification of product offerings that appeal not only to black consumers, but also to the general market.

As an increasingly educated, affluent, and tech-savvy consumer base, African Americans are 44% more likely to interact with brands on social media or to use social networks to support companies and brands.

There are approximately 83.1 million Millennials currently in the U.S. and African-American Millennials comprise 14% (about 11.5 million) of this age demographic. Black Millennials comprise 25% (about 11.4 million) of the total African American population.

With $162 billion in buying power and undisputed cultural influence, black Millennials are using their power to successfully raise awareness of issues facing the black community and influence decisions shaping our world.

BNC is creating news and educational content that targets this increasingly influential demographic with greater ad spend opportunities and more diverse programming.

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